Zach Snyder puts off his emotional project considerably

Zach Snyder puts off his emotional project considerably

It’s the kind of movie that Zack Snyder has been wanting to make for years: Upstream. But it now appears to be delaying its launch significantly.

Zack Snyder has been working on the idea of ​​a movie adaptation of popular author Ayn Rand’s book since 2016. But the idea came to the fore when Snyder started working on the DC Extended Universe. And while you might think Snyder might have some time now, the movie isn’t coming anyway.

Snyder said during the podcast Life is short with Justin Long That there is a need for a more liberal government than there is now in the United States, therefore “Not everyone goes crazy or something.”.

“It’s a really politically charged book. We need a more liberal government to make The Fountainhead, otherwise everyone’s going crazy, I think,” Snyder began his story.

“For me, it’s like this: If you’re a filmmaker and you look from that point of view, creating a building (the theme of The Fountainhead) and a movie is almost the same. You always have to make small compromises. Less. Storytelling. Does the building really need all the frames. Those beautiful windows? I wanted a country house, but ended up with something a bit like home. For me, that has always been The Fountainhead. For a lot of people it’s really a political thing, it’s not like that for me. “

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