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Within a week, one of the most controversial World Cup tournaments of all time begins. Sunday 20 November is the day the host country kicks off the Ecuador match. But how can the 2022 FIFA World Cup be held in Qatar – a desert country with incredibly hot temperatures, where human rights don’t seem so important? Discover + Explained in the documentary The men who sold the World Cup Expose the corruption and backroom politics that dominate this World Cup.

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Corruption and secret deals in the movie “The Men Who Sold the World Cup”

There was amazement in 2010, when FIFA announced that the 2018 World Cup would go to Russia and the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. The fact that countries like Australia and the United States were outdone for a country with tropical temperatures and there were not even enough stadiums at the time of the announcement sparked a lot of controversy. When it later emerged that human rights were seriously violated in the construction of stadiums and hundreds of people were even killed, more and more questions were raised about this World Cup.

In the A two-part documentary The Men Who Sold the World Cup Exposing the rampant corruption behind awarding Qatar the World Cup. What kind of back-end deals are behind all this? Morgan Pehme and Daniel DiMauro will speak with stakeholders to provide more insights on this topic. The documentary about this can now be viewed on Discover+. You can see the first pictures below.

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More documentaries about the 2022 World Cup

Netflix also looked into FIFA corruption and abuse surrounding the 2022 World Cup in the documentary series FIFA revealed. The live streaming service delves into the history of FIFA and the shady deals made at its headquarters. The four-part series is now on display.

Another interesting documentary to watch in the lead up to the World Cup is Louis. Documentary filmmaker Gertjan Laach chronicled the life of the current Netherlands coach in this film. For three years he followed the vicissitudes of Louis van Gaal. A national coach looks at the highs and lows of his life, both at work and in private life. The documentary aired on NPO 1 on Thursday 10 November and can also be watched on Pathé Thuis.

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