You can watch the top 3 movies on HBO Max and Netflix this week

You can watch the top 3 movies on HBO Max and Netflix this week

Three movies, not five. We can already announce it on the Weekly Show this week. Unfortunately, there are no Disney+ titles and only one HBO Max movie. We also have two movies appearing on Netflix. In short: a rather modest week.

By the way, this is the first time in 42 weeks that we can’t give 5 tips. Maybe next week will be better!

Accelerates (2022)

direction: Jeremiah Zaghar | spit: Ben Foster, Adam Sandler, Robert Duvall, Queen Latifah | release day: June 8 in Netflix

The basketball explorer was unfairly dismissed. Outside, he encounters a talented young basketball player with a turbulent past. Without his team’s permission, the scout travels to the United States with the boy. Together, they get a chance to prove they have what it takes to reach the biggest league.

jeans (2022)

direction: Tia Lisin, Emma Bildes | release day: June 9 in HBO Max

In the spring of 1972, the police raided an apartment in south Chicago, arresting seven women who were part of a secret network. Using encrypted names, secret identities, and safe houses to protect themselves and their jobs, the defendants set up a secret network of women seeking safe, illegal, and affordable abortions. They called themselves “Jane”.

peace trees (2021)

direction: Alan Brown | spit: Elaine Omeyer, Charmaine Bengoa, Ella Cannon, Paula Kolyushu | release day: June 10 in Netflix

Rwanda, 1994. The four women, Annick, Janet, Peyton and Mutesi, hide in an underground room under the kitchen floor when a massacre occurs. Locked and isolated, they try to remain hopeful while listening to horrific sounds. Hours turn into days and days into weeks. Women from different backgrounds and beliefs must rely on each other physically and mentally to escape this horror alive.

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