Yesterday’s more efficient refrigerator earned an F today

Yesterday's more efficient refrigerator earned an F today

Many green energy labeled devices that previously scored high in sustainability did far worse than today. Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, televisions and freezers are now subject to a new label with various standards. Your fridge which was rated A +++ yesterday can now fall into Category F.

The previous energy label was ten years old and needed to be replaced, says Pim Nosselder of Milieu Centraal, the information organization. “Almost everything was on top level, in A +++. Now there is something to choose again.”


White goods seller Edward Morick of Geldermalsen replaced all of the stickers last weekend. “All of our washing machines were on A +++ according to the old label. According to the new standard, they were on C or D.”

It takes some getting used to its customers. “At first they were shocked. I didn’t ask for this, they say. If I explain where it’s coming from, it’s okay.”

Milieu Centraal hopes manufacturers will be motivated by the new brands to make their machines even more efficient. “We can actually see it. In the past you could sit down, so to speak, to get an A +++. Now you really have to do your best again and we see it happen.”

Economic situation

Seller Murrick sees that, too. All modern washing machines nowadays are distinguished by an economical eco-40-60 configuration. “We have already received the first machines with A, according to the new label. Manufacturers are trying to get to that A as quickly as possible. And if everyone gets an A again, there will undoubtedly be a new mark by then.”

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Whether the equipment is really economical as the name claims in use depends on the user. “If he does not choose this economic situation, consumption will also increase,” says Morick.

There’s also a new power sticker for the lights. This will be introduced later this year.

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