Wouter Deboot at the wheel of Yves Lampaert

Wouter Deboot at the wheel of Yves Lampaert

Cycling Yves Lambert will be looking again this year for the glorious trophy of the Paris-Roubaix. Just like last year, software maker Wouter Deboot will follow. The story can be seen every Tuesday on Everyone Famous. By the way, Deboot will soon be back on his bike for a new series on One.

“The Tour of Flanders is a great race, but Paris-Roubaix will always capture the imagination. Where the De Ronde route has already changed several times, Paris-Roubaix is ​​still the legendary track where riders moor through dust on cobblestones. They break their teeth and steaming By bike. It’s a heroic path where you can’t hide and where an assistant can win too,” says Water Depot.

The reporter has already followed Yves Lambert last year, who is keen to write this race on his palm one day. “He rode a great race at the time, but had so much bad luck. The pictures afterwards in the shower, those tears… It was really touching. What a clean, pure emotion. Now he’s hoping for a second chance.” So Wouter once again followed in the footsteps of the driver from Engelmunster, a rich folk hero.

very sick

“Inadvertently a huge tension was created again. He was seriously ill and also had to be fit for E3. And if you look at drivers like Sonny Colbrelli and Tim Declercq (Both had to withdraw due to heart problems, editor.)You can imagine he’s worried. So it will be physically and mentally difficult.” Enough material for filming then. “Whiskey (Ibn Yves, editor) He’s already a little bit older, we’ll visit Uncle Changed again… I think in the past year a lot of people have looked at what kind of entourage there is around Lambert.”

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no punishment

Running such a streak also means working hard on deadline and is often unpredictable. “Tom Stills informed me at the last minute that Eve would not be participating in the E3 Harelbeke. Then we filmed instead at Eve’s house, while he was watching the race from his seat. You should be able to switch quickly when running a series like this. But let’s be honest, it’s not Penalty. Eve and I clicked really fast last year. And that’s reflected in the photo. It’s always a pleasure to travel with him. We recently went cycling again to get to know each other again. And that was spot on. I also saw again how upset and motivated he is to win the Paris-Roubaix” Depot said.

Deboot himself also has a connection to tough bike racing. “I will never forget the surprise victory of Magnus Bäckstedt in 2004. That name has always stuck in my mind. Let’s just say that it is no coincidence that our son’s name is also Magnus…”

with the wind

By the way, the same shoe can gradually lubricate her calves. At the end of May he will be back on his bike. After an exciting journey across the United States and the country Down, he is now looking closer to home. “It is basically about giving up control and getting out into the wider world. In concrete terms, I plant a flag on the ground every morning and see where the wind comes from. So the title of the work is with the wind, a separate program on One. For forty days I turn every day to where the wind leads me. I hope to see a part of Europe like this. The number of bicycles is on the rise, and so is the case Columbus Prove that twists and turns are often nicer. I especially want to get off the beaten track. No, I haven’t gotten tired of the bike yet. By following the path, the love for the bike only grew. Almost so crazy. I was following a little race, but now I really want to know all about it. You think: But hey, why not work now? Now I already know the captain has a plan behind it. That speculation, that atmosphere… that’s it. The course is really great. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Yves will win the Paris-Roubaix.”

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“The Road to Roubaix”, every Tuesday in “Everyone’s Famous” on one.

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