Worker tells his deathbed where he met union worker Jimmy Huff…

Worker tells his deathbed where he met union worker Jimmy Huff...

Source: BBC, New York Times

The FBI searched a plot of land in the US state of New Jersey after someone admitted on their deathbed that they had buried union leader Jimmy Hoffa (62). Hoffa was one of the most powerful union organizers in the United States for decades, but suddenly disappeared in 1975. His disappearance has long been associated with the mafia, with which the man had a difficult relationship.

The story has fascinated researchers since the disappearance. His body has been searched several times over the years. From farms to swimming pools. In New Jersey, the legend has long circulated that the man was buried under the football field of the New York Giants. Hoffa’s story was also filmed in 2019 by Martin Scorsese and stars Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino. The latter plays the role of Hoffa. in the movie IrishThe unionist was killed and his body was subsequently cremated. But experts say this scenario is unlikely.

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But investigators are now on a new path after advice from journalist Dan Moldea. He wrote about Jimmy Hoffa when the man was still alive. Several years ago, Moldea contacted a man named Frank Capola. As a teenager, he worked with his father Paul in a New Jersey landfill. “While I was talking to my father, a black limousine rolled into our property in the mud,” Frank Capola, 62, recalls in 2019, in an affidavit before the notary. His father turned to a partner at the dump and said, “They’re here.” The boy watched the men from afar approach the car, and spoke to visitors, who seemed to be pointing to a far corner of the landfill. Later he found out what was planned. to write New York times.

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In 2008, when his father was on his deathbed, he told him that the men in the limousine had come to tell him that Hoffa’s body would be delivered soon and that they had to bury it. He has not shared these facts with anyone yet. He encouraged his son to reveal it when the time seemed right.

Its depth reaches 4.5 meters

Father Paul Capula was furious as the men pointed out where they should bury Hoffa. This is because the dump was under constant police surveillance. The man was afraid that someone would see them. So he decided to dig a new hole himself and buried Hoffa’s body there.

The new pit was on an abandoned plot of unused government land outside the landfill, and its depth was between 2.5 and 4.5 meters, the father told his son. He first buried the barrel they put it in. Then he threw 15-30 chemical barrels on it, pieces of bricks and earth.

The man had also buried something that could be discovered under the surface. Son Capula had indicated that he wanted to know what this was. But it is not clear whether the researchers actually know this, because in March 2020 Frank Capola died of lung disease.

The FBI confirmed that they investigated the site last month, but did not confirm that the case was linked to Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance.


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