With this master clever trick, your hot car cools down faster | Sentences

With this master clever trick, your hot car cools down faster |  Sentences

When you leave the car in the sun for a few hours on days like today, the temperature rises quickly. Fortunately, there is a simple trick for the car key to cool down quickly.

The temperature of the car can quickly rise to 60 degrees Celsius in summer. However, there is something that can be easily solved in a modern car thanks to very good air conditioning systems.

Unfortunately, the temperature often takes a few minutes to show nice values. But there is a way to allow the initial heat to escape from your car before getting in. Almost all modern cars have a function that allows you to simultaneously open all windows with one movement when approaching them.

All windows open at the same time

By holding down the button that unlocks your car for a few seconds, all the windows will go down at the same time. If you have a sunroof, it even opens. As a result, at least the worst heat blows from your car and the interior becomes several tens of degrees cooler due to the coldness of the outside air.

When you drive a few hundred meters with all the windows open, all the hot air is gone and the air conditioning is a lot easier. First set it to the recirculation position so that cool air flows from the vents. This is the perfect way to keep your car cool.

The trick also works in reverse

The reverse also works with almost all cars. If you forget to close the window, or if the children leave the rear windows open, you can also close all the windows automatically remotely by pressing the lock button on the remote control for a few seconds.

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