With random celebrity worship, we create our own demons

With random celebrity worship, we create our own demons

Who the hell wants to be famous? Studies show a large percentage of young adults, by no means, time and time again. Influencer, YouTuber, Talent Show Winner – Fame means money, attention, glamor, beautiful people, expensive clothes, prestige, recognition.

But celebrities are also in the tabloids with their private lives, stared everywhere and approached to get autographs or selfies (Eminem: ‘I’m grateful for every fan I get / But I can’t take my shit / In the bathroom without someone standing by‘) With every court assault RTL Boulevard Talk fun at the desk about what’s yours alone: ​​your private life. Ah, those celebs… they end up in rehab clinics, in fourth marriages, at celebrity shows with empty heads, and when the cake is done: in oblivion.

By the way, it’s not just pathetic. Everyone can see the photos leaked last year of Moroccan citizen Ali B. Holland soundColleague Waylon.

For years, I had a girlfriend who worked on talk shows, and suddenly I left her when I got home, a different picture loomed on the TV viewer, especially the warm-blooded, sunny side up The presenter who turns out to be a half psychopath behind the scenes. But his editors did not dare to oppose him, because fame frightens them, as well as ten others, because the editor is not famous.

I remember being at the top when another TV host screamed in a frenzy at his crew because the camera rehearsal was late and he had to miss the start of an important football match. Everyone present missed that beginning, but the presenter claimed the tragedy himself.

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This was what surprised me the most at the time: the staff let it happen because everyone agreed that celebrities deserve special treatment.

We make these people strong and we may scare ourselves

At the time of printing this column, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the alleged sexual assault behind the scenes Holland sound† But one thing is certain: when we put people on the base of fame, it is we ourselves who make them powerful and potentially intimidating.

Anyone who aspires to fame and thinks they have to rely on famous celebrities walks on thin ice. Who do you allow to define the values ​​of your world? I hope you do it yourself. Do not voluntarily put your fate in the hands of powerful people.

Some will take this view.Blame the victim, but I’m not just talking about individuals: I’m talking about ‘we’. With our random worship of celebrities, we create not gods, but demons.

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