With an electric car to Switzerland: you have to know this

Laadpas van ANWB

In the mountains with an electric car. Thrilling? Not in Switzerland, where fast chargers are indicated on road signs. We help you on your way with the most important information about your electric trip to Switzerland.

Shipping cards in Switzerland

If you are going on vacation with an electric car, it is a good idea to take more than one charge card with you. Although the ANWB charge card should work in Switzerland, it doesn’t hurt to have an alternative on hand. Like Plugsurfing or EVPass, for example.

Costs compared to the Netherlands

Prices in Switzerland are higher for regular charging stations than in the Netherlands, and fast chargers are a bit cheaper. ANWB card prices also always depend on consumption (kWh) abroad. IKEA offers a. in Switzerland FREE SHIPPING FACILITY in a. For this you can go to the nine Swiss branches of the Swedish furniture store, which are scattered in all directions, but only in the corners of the country.

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In Switzerland you’ll find 55 fast chargers that live up to their name: all have a charging speed of 100 kW or higher. You will find them along the highway, where these types of charging points are indicated on road signs. In Switzerland you will also find the highest charging station in Europe: it is located at an altitude of 1900 meters, on the Swiss side of the Great St. Bernard Tunnel.

Public charging points

Switzerland has 5,700 public charging points, where you can generally charge in three stages. You can find them everywhere, from train stations to bed and breakfasts. Sometimes additional conditions apply to charging points at the place of residence: you may use them only, for example, when you are actually staying there.

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Tesla owners enjoy the luxury of hundreds of superchargers and thousands destination chargers (As the US car manufacturer’s regular charging stations are called) As a result, drivers either don’t or don’t care about the general charging infrastructure in Europe. Especially since Teslas prefers to commute to its charging stations!

ANWB Route Planner

By entering your destination, brand and EV type in the ANWB Route Planner, you know exactly where to stop along the way to get to your accommodation without Wegenwacht interference.

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What else do you need to learn?

Five percent of new passenger cars sold in Switzerland have an electric motor. This may be called remarkable, given that the Swiss government does not have an active policy of support, as is usual in the Netherlands. So the Swiss buy a purely electric car with conviction! You can also pay without a recharge card at public Shell Recharge / NewMotion charging points. The columns are with a QR sticker: you can scan it with your mobile phone and then you can also pay for the transaction with your credit card Since this technology is more advanced, the provider charges a higher fee (normal shipping costs + 10 percent). Perhaps unnecessary, but in Switzerland some obligations also apply to electric cars, such as a toll sticker.

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