Confederate emergency declaration due to computer attacks | Economy | News

Confederate emergency declaration due to computer attacks |  Economy |  News

The Minister of Communications, Fianna Maino, also announced other measures, such as the creation of the National Cybersecurity Administration

the National Telecommunications Corporation (CNT) It has been declared an institutional emergency due to the computer attacks it has been exposed to in recent days.

Announced this afternoon Minister of Communications and Information Society, Fianna Maino, Through a video clip in which he appears next to Government Minister Alexandra Villa.

CNT has been subjected to a “highly sophisticated” computer attack, and the complaint is being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office

Maino also announced other emergency and security measures to protect customer and status data. These are to designate a person responsible for assessing the true state of the Confederacy, which will be announced in the next few days; Conducting an external audit with companies of the highest international level, and providing CNT with a team of cybersecurity experts who possess the best technological tools, for which the National Cybersecurity Department will be established; Modernization and modernization of the institutional technology complex, proposing a comprehensive change process They have already contacted the specialized Office of Cyber ​​Security of the Organization of American States (OAS), according to Maino, in order to ensure that operations meet international standards.

Additionally, a legal reform will be proposed in the coming days to allow country information to be hosted in a highly secure international cloud and not just on local physical servers.

The National Telecommunication Corporation (CNT) has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the crime of ‘attack on a computer system’

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“Improving the company is a huge challenge, but it is also a great opportunity for a truly integrated development of the company and the country. An opportunity to turn CNT into a company for Ecuadorians and not for a few,” Maino said at the end of the video.

For his part, Villa noted that the government is facing problems and finding valuable solutions for the Ecuadoreans. “We are sure we will achieve this together,” he said. (I)

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