The Crown creators refused help from Sarah Ferguson ‘who got it started’

The Crown creators refused help from Sarah Ferguson 'who got it started'

Brilliant Sarah also thought she appeared quite a bit in the popular Netflix series. That’s why I reached out to the filmmakers, trying to give the actress Jessica Aquilina, who plays her, a bigger role. “I offered to help them,” she says. “To better understand life behind the walls of Buckingham Palace.” However, the streaming service wasn’t waiting for that. “They refused to help me.”

although the crown Don’t wait for her input, another Sarah story will likely be on the tube soon: the story of her first novel Turn it over for the compass. For example, a streaming service might already be interested in a series like Bridgeton to make it. Sarah’s story is like a historical drama.

The book will be released in the UK and US in early August, and is based on one of its predecessors. “I have researched my family’s history for the past few years using the royal archives. As a result, the book contains a lot of Victorian details. I have also extracted the story of my life and my experiences. The story that really touches me. The heart is.”

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