Wijdemeren residents have to pay part of the reclaimed social assistance | interior

Wijdemeren residents have to pay part of the reclaimed social assistance |  interior

According to the judge, the resident should have reported receiving letters on a regular basis. This is mandatory for people who are on luxury. So it was correct that the municipality reduced its aid. But the judge said Wijdemiren did not provide enough evidence to recover more than 7,000 euros. Therefore, the woman does not have to pay the full amount.

The Central Appeals Court, the highest administrative court in social security and civil service cases, also ruled that Wijdemeren must pay the woman 200 euros in compensation for an illegal home visit. In addition, the municipality must reimburse the costs of the procedures for the woman.

The woman’s lawyer, Rudolf van der Hamm, says the resident is happy with the result. “She understands that she should have reported the messages and is relieved that the case is over.”

This issue received a lot of attention at the end of last year. In February of this year, the lower house of parliament endorsed a proposal by various parties that said people receiving welfare could receive up to 1,200 euros in donations each year without having their benefits cut out. According to the House of Representatives, this case shows that the rules sometimes get very difficult.

The court ruled in favor of the municipality in 2019, but the resident appealed that decision.

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