Why you should definitely watch Peaky Blinders

Why you should definitely watch Peaky Blinders

“In the Bleak Midwinter” is now the final season of Peaky Blinders. Many people are very fond of the end of the iconic series, but if you haven’t watched it at all, does it make sense to start from scratch? surely. That’s – completely spoiler-free – why.

Awesome time frame

We of course know many mafia-style series taking place around the 1920s, like the awesome Boardwalk Empire, but we don’t often see the same type of series taking place outside of Italy or the United States. Meet the Peaky Blinders, who play in Birmingham and start in 1919. He has a pretty, slightly sad look and every combination looks beautiful again. Men with their trendy haircuts, suits, and accents: it’s cool to watch. It’s okay, because each episode costs about 1.5 million euros.

It is based on real events

Peaky Blinders isn’t just a super entertaining series about a gang that takes on rival gangs, random people, and sometimes themselves. It is based on an actual gang called the Peaky Blinders that operate in Birmingham. Nice to know: The name will refer to putting a razor in your hat, something you already see in the series.

make you think

Peaky Blinders are often referred to as the clever series and this seems crazy at first, because it’s mainly about guys killing each other for things like honor and money. However, the psychology and politics behind the decisions and moments in this series are so engaging, so clever, and so well put together, that you can’t help but conclude that this epic about Mr. Shelby and his cohorts was written and crafted by very intelligent minds.

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The actors are amazing

Cillian Murphy (known since 28 Days Later) plays the main role of Tommy Shelby, the man who runs the gang. It’s his best job yet: he does it beautifully. In addition, he is surrounded by a star cast, including Sam Neill, Helen McCrory, Tom Hardy and Noah Taylor. Every character has something to love, or something to hate, but it was Cillian Murphy who practically immortalized himself in the role. Even if you’re going to Netflix this series on your relatively small phone screen, you can’t get around the acting and cuteness.

sound stopped

It’s not for nothing that people like Steven Spielberg and Brad Pitt are also fans of Peaky Blinders. Everything in this series is well coordinated. For example, artistic direction, actors and soundtracks too. The intro melody, Red Right Hand, was created by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, but there are more great bands out there, like Johnny Cash and Radiohead. It looks very modern, but it fits perfectly.

It’s a greedy gesture

This series originally appeared on BBC but has thankfully been acquired by Netflix. The best part is that you don’t have to work as hard to see Peaky Blinders. You just need to turn on Netflix and you can watch it from start to finish as of today. The final season is now available in full on Netflix, so first Oy! Until the end: everything is ready to be enjoyed for the first time. And fans of bleached mid-winter can only be envied.

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