Why Sterling K. Brown doesn’t think Reggie is behind the launch of Midge

Season final Wonderful Mrs. Maisel It always ends with some kind of twist, and the third season of Amazon Show definitely wasn’t any different. Midge seems to have found her step in life on tour and despite the short pause on the tour, she was more than ready to go on the road again. But things stopped amazingly well after her group performed in Apollo.

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One of Midge’s biggest personality flaws is that her distinguished upbringing can make her unaware of others’ plight. This is featured in a number of ways throughout Season 3 of The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel, Especially when it comes to Shy Baldwin. Midge is not aware that most of the people you tour with are discriminated against and are not even allowed to stay at the hotel where they are performing.

Season three of The Marvelous Mrs. Mrs. Maisel is low-key for Midge

Clueless Midge eventually ends up costing her bother with Shy. When she expressed her nerves at performing to a predominantly black audience, Shi’s manager, Reggie, gave her advice to adapt her collection to facts about the famous singer. Unfortunately, Midge’s gullibility led her to hint at some very personal facts about Shy that he confidently told her when he was at his weakest. This, of course, resulted in her being expelled at the end Wonderful Mrs. Maisel Season 3.

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Naturally, fans of the show are feeling Midge. However, they are divided over whether or not she should be fired due to her falsity. On the official Instagram page of Wonderful Mrs. Maisel, Fans speculate if Reggie intentionally sabotaged Midge out of jealousy. Others wonder if Shy was really the one who wanted Midge out of the tour or if something more sinister was playing. “I wonder if Shy actually said it, or if this is what Reggie says.“ I’m on the fence, ”a fan said.

Sterling K. Brown does not believe launching Midge was Reggie’s invitation

Although fans may have different opinions, it’s Sterling K. Brown, who plays Reggie Wonderful Mrs. Maisel, He shared that he doesn’t think Reggie made the call to the cute Midge from Tour. In an interview with Gold Derby, The this is us The actor revealed his belief that Shy was the one who fired Midge as he felt betrayed by what she said about him during her set.

Brown revealed Reggie’s mandate “I don’t think there was no mandate from Reggie” Wonderful Mrs. Maisel Letter. “He was following shy orders for sure. I think Shy felt betrayed. He shared something with her. He even told Midge his real first name, which isn’t even anything we discuss publicly. So the fact that she was able to get out on that stage and even though it wasn’t outright is Just playing around with the idea of ​​sharing something that you were not supposed to share with anyone else, it hurt him to the core. “

Brown says his character in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel feels guilty about Midge’s Apollo group

Although Brown doesn’t feel Reggie had a role in shooting Midge, he says his character feels bad because his advice led to this precarious situation. But he argues that Reggie had no idea Shy had shared certain information with Midge as a start.

Brown admitted: “He respects Midge.” “She’s a gorgeous girl and he also feels kinda guilty for asking her to go out and talk about shyness. Now, he never imagined in his wildest dreams that she would go there and make multiple references to something he didn’t even know she knew about,” he revealed. It would be interesting to see if it was a book Wonderful Mrs. Maisel We agree with Brown’s assessment of the situation. Until then, fans can rewatch Season 3 to see if there are other clues.

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