“Why don’t we immediately view Bahrain as the beginning of the season?”

"Why don't we immediately view Bahrain as the beginning of the season?"

Formula 1 gets a lot of praise for the fact that it adapts very quickly to the Coronavirus and thus quickly returns with a modified calendar, but there is also some criticism. David Croft stated that it was clear from the start that the opening race in Australia would be a long way off.

“I don’t know why Bahrain was not seen as the start of the season from the start, without appearing too negative for the Australian Grand Prix organizers.”Croft said on a broadcast Sky Sports Tuesday. “They never had that race in Albert Park at the start of the year.”

Bahrain would have been a “more logical” option, according to a Formula One commentator. “The races are always good in Bahrain. In addition, they are very advanced in the vaccination program and the tracking and tracing program, so they can better handle the F1 welcome.”Said the 50-year-old Briton.

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