Which top celebrities enjoy gaming in their spare time?

The stats around the gaming sector right now make for interesting reading. The video game industry, for example, made just north of $120bn globally in 2019, and this figure is expected to be higher in 2020. Online casino gaming is also very popular now and played its part in the $58.9bn that online gambling made in 2019. What lies behind this explosion in popularity for both video and online casino gaming?

One reason is how attractive gaming is to a wide cross-section of society now. Online casino games, for example, are fun and come in a wide selection of engaging themes. Internet casino sites also offer tempting welcome bonuses to players when they sign up. No-deposit casino bonus codes instant play offers give players free money to game with and help attract new people into the industry. Of course, you need to know what offers like this mean before signing up in order to get the most from them. If you need help in this regard, then the BonusSeeker website is a reliable source of information on casino offers and also the top US casino sites that carry them.

Video gaming also produces titles that appeal to a large audience and help draw more people into gaming. Both types of gaming have also benefited from celebrity endorsement. While this might not be in a direct sponsorship way, people see their favorite celeb enjoying games and are then more likely to start playing. Celebs can also help make gaming look cooler to enjoy as a hobby.

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Who are the top celebs who enjoy gaming?

Mila Kunis

Over her career, Hollywood actor Mila Kunis has starred in movies such as Max Payne and The Book of Eli. She is also a huge fan of video games! The star let slip her love for gaming at the 2012 edition of Comic-Con in San Diego. She revealed that World of Warcraft was a favorite but that she actually just loved video gaming in general. Kunis is also noted as being a huge Call of Duty fan and has a particular liking for killing Nazi zombies in the game!

Daniel Craig

Another Hollywood star who is on record as being a gamer is Bond actor Daniel Craig. If anyone can make playing video games cool, then he is definitely the man. Interestingly, Craig says that playing games helps him get into character and was also what inspired him to try out for Bond! Halo is a game that he has previously mentioned as a favorite. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is another game that he has a soft spot for – though he usually stops after stealing 18 cars or so! The actor has also noted that he likes games with involving storylines.

Jessica Alba

Another famous face who loves gaming is actor Jessica Alba. Star of cool movies such as Sin City and Fantastic Four, it seems that her video gaming history goes back a long way. Alba is a huge Nintendo fan and grew up playing classics such as The Legend of Zelda, Bomberman and Super Mario Bros. She has kept this love for gaming into her adult life and has previously spoken of the positive impact that Wii Sports has brought into gaming. With Alba also a big Nintendo DS fan, you can bet that she is also a real Switch fiend and has been celebrating the 35th anniversary of Super Mario in 2020.

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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is a major celeb name who has not only stepped out with Jennifer Lopez in the past but has also starred in some top films. He has also found fame in his personal life as a very good gambler. It is rumored that he has made millions from gambling and actually been banned from many land-based casinos for being too skilled at blackjack. He also loves playing blackjack online. In interviews, Affleck has said that his love for online blackjack is due to it being private, fun and convenient.

Gaming is something that many top celebs love

While it is tempting to put top celebrities on a pedestal, it is key to remember they are also people. This means that they need ways to chill out, have fun and relax. As with normal people, gaming gives celebs an easy and engaging way to do this. Online casinos and home consoles also give them a private way to have fun. The love that many celebs have for gaming is a real bonus for the whole sector as it gives it a cool, funky image.

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