Where was the Virgin River filmed?

Locatie Virgin River Netflix gefilmd

In the romantic drama series category, the new ratings cannon Virgin River On Netflix Really a must see title. The series is based on the books of the same name by Robin Carr Virgin River at Northern California. But does this place exist? and on which Location become Recordings Who is the series?

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The Virgin River isn’t a real place, but it was invented by writer Robin Carr

Many fans of the Netflix series are curious about the location where the Virgin River is filmed. First of all, it’s important to know that the series is based on the books of the same name by Robin Carr and that the author describes the Virgin River as a place in Northern California among redwoods, waterfalls, and good fishing spots. However, this is a fictional place, because in reality there is no Virgin River place at all. But where was the series filmed?

Where will Virgin River be filmed on Netflix?

The answer is: Vancouver! Together with a series like RiverdaleAnd the SparkleAnd the Sabrina’s Chilling AdventuresAnd the supernatural And many more titles, most of the episodes were filmed in the northern United States in the Canadian city. For example, the famous Mel hut can be found on the water Fraser Mordo Park (See map below).

The location where Mill’s work can be found in southeast Vancouver can be found at 122 First Street.

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Moreover, for example, Jack’s Bar (catchment grill at BrackendaleJust north of Vancouver is Paige’s Bakeaway food truck in Burnaby Fraser Foreshore It is Hope McCrea’s home in Deer Lake Park.

Many scenes were filmed in the city Agassiz On warm cove On Boyne Island.

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