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Chicago PD seizoen 5 Amazon Prime Video

Chicago PD by the back team Chicago fire It was launched two years later, in 2014. This series now also has 8 seasons and gets a better rating on IMDb: 8.1 out of 27,000 votes. However, there are only 4 left to watch on Amazon’s streaming service. Below you can read what we know so far about the news, release date and trailer Chicago PD Season 5 on Amazon Prime Video.

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What is the story of Chicago PD?

Producer and Emmy Award winner Dick Wolf and the team behind Chicago Fire present Chicago Fire, a heart-pounding new cop show about the men and women of District 21 of the Chicago Police Department, who risk their lives to maintain order and security in the community. to guarantee.

nickname: Chicago PD
public: 2014
Kindly: Italian Serie A
Categories: Action, crime, drama
expensive: 10 seasons
Makers: Dick Wolf
spit: Jason Page, Jesse Lee Souffer, Marina Squiresati, Patrick John Fluger, Laruis Hawkins
IMDb: 8.1 out of 30,000 votes
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When will Chicago PD season 5 air on Amazon Prime Video?

The first episode of season five aired from Chicago PD already on September 27, 2017, followed by the final episode on May 9, 2018. Now, 3 years later, only the first four seasons can be watched via Amazon Prime Video.

In Belgium, no streaming service has yet acquired the rights to the newer seasons of the Chicago PD series, so the series cannot be watched on Belgian video streaming on on-demand platforms such as Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video. However, you can actually watch the fifth season of Chicago PD from Belgium with a very easy trick: a good VPN.

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In short, it works very simply: a VPN is an anonymous Internet connection that ensures your privacy is guaranteed. This allows you to set the location signal your device sends. Are you setting up your VPN for the United States? Then a website thinks that you are in the US and as a result you can only watch the fifth season of Chicago PD. It works like this in a few simple steps:

  1. Go to Surfshark (or another provider) and get a good VPN for only €2 per month
  2. Set your location to the United States via the app
  3. Head straight to Chicago PD on NBC and start watching! 🍿
  • Where can you watch the Chicago PD series online?

    At the time of writing, you can only watch the Chicago PD series on Amazon Prime Video. You can read more about Amazon Prime Video subscription costs on Streamwijzer and watch free for 30 days.

  • When will Chicago PD season 5 be on Amazon Prime in Belgium?

    Unfortunately, it is not yet known when the fifth season of Chicago PD will be released on Amazon Prime Video. We will keep you informed via email when the date is announced.

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Will there be a Chicago PD season 6 or is S5 the last season of the series?

Of course, of course! Chicago PD has already released the sixth season. Seasons 7 and 8 are also streaming live and Season 9 is now in the pipeline.

What teaser or trailer is already there for Season 5 of Chicago PD?

Watch the trailer for Chicago PD Season 5 below

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