What will happen if the motion of withholding confidence in Root is passed? | right Now

What will happen if the motion of withholding confidence in Root is passed?  |  right Now

Mark Rutte cannot be removed as a Member of Parliament, but he can be removed from the position of the outgoing Prime Minister of the Netherlands. This is what political science professor Tom van der Meer of the University of Amsterdam says about the potential consequences of adopting a no-confidence vote on Roote.

Geert Wilders (PVV) on Thursday afternoon submitted a motion of no-confidence in the outgoing prime minister. Van der Meer says, if this proposal is passed on, then someone else will have to take charge of Rutte. “Someone should lead the Ministry of Public Affairs and someone should lead the Cabinet. That could also be someone from outside.”

The possible resignation of the outgoing prime minister does not mean calling new elections, because the government has already fallen. “In the Netherlands, over the past 50 years, we have had the practice that if the government falls, you are calling for new elections. It has already happened and a new government has not yet been formed, so there is no need to call new elections. Or there is a need for that. It becomes a political issue, “Van der Meer explains.

According to the professor of politics, it also has to do with whether Rote is still welcome in interviews for the new formation at a later date. “This has nothing to do with constitutional law, that is, politics. The formation consists of rules of behavior and it depends on the parties what they do and what they do not want to do. They do not have to negotiate with each other. There is no right for the largest party to do this. A place at the table. There should be there.” Confidence. “

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Rutte is under pressure for Omtzigt’s feedback

On Thursday, the House of Representatives will debate the memo presented by Scouts Cagssa Olungren on CDA Member Peter Umtzigt. In it, he said Omtzigt’s name “a job elsewhere.”

Various parties want Rottie to step down as prime minister.

Rutte says he does not remember speaking to scouts Olongren and Anne-Marie Goritsma about Umtzeget. “The report shows it’s about it. And it really raises many questions. I remembered it incorrectly after that, and I’m deeply sorry for that,” said Rutte.

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