Watch These 3 Powerful Documentaries During IDFA

Watch These 3 Powerful Documentaries During IDFA

From November 17 to 28, our capital will turn into a paradise for documentaries. IDFA starts next, and that means that on almost every street corner in Amsterdam there is something to see that could change your life, or at least teach you something you didn’t even know. And for you to be able to see a little more documentary trees in the documentary jungle, we’ve scoured a large selection of movies for you and handpicked a selection of everything you should watch anyway.

And of course you don’t have to do this alone! On Friday 26th November, in association with IDFA, we are organizing an Evening at EYE, where we will screen three of our favorite documentaries of the year, and also talk to the people who made these films. And if your hunger for brilliance isn’t satiated after that, you can also let anyone who wants to hear it know what you think of the movies while enjoying a drink.

The documentaries we have programmed this year:

lead me home


Documentary filmmakers Pedro Kos and John Schenk spent three years trying to paint a complete picture of the homeless world in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. In the documentary lead me home They depict people who have fallen through the cracks of the shaky social system in the United States, and are urgently looking for a safe place where they can try to rebuild their lives.

Annoy the bear

Running around screaming and praying as if your life depended on it is a perfectly normal reaction when you encounter a polar bear head-on. But not for the residents of Churchill, a small town in northern Canada. Every year, tourists flock to the area to try and catch a glimpse of migrating polar bears. in the movie Annoy the bear It explores the strange relationship between these inquisitive humans and one of the world’s most dangerous predators.

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when we were them

This short documentary film by Danis Tanovic and Damir Zaguli focuses on the current refugee crisis in Bosnia. The central question here is: How could a hated person in history treat refugees in the country with the same disgust?

Program in partnership with IDFA

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