Watch the first Dutch stop-motion movie | All the news from Alvin Aan den Rhein

Watch the first Dutch stop-motion movie |  All the news from Alvin Aan den Rhein


Alvin – Knorr It is the first full-length Dutch film ever produced. Director Masha Halberstad has worked at least 7.5 years in the family movie, based on the book Knorr’s Revenge by Tosca Menten. The film has been released at major film festivals and will be shown in more than 15 countries. Knor can now be seen in Cinema Castellum in Alvin.

“The movie Piglet Eats. Metaphorically speaking, of course, says Castellum, but that’s actually what the story is about.” 9-year-old Babs receives a pig from her grandfather from the United States for her birthday. Her parents are not happy about this, because Knorr turns the house upside down by secreting everything. Babs are only allowed to keep him provided the Piglet takes a puppy course. Meanwhile, it turns out that Grandpa has a hidden agenda. He was once disqualified during a sausage making competition and now it’s time for revenge…

Knor, according to Castellum, is an innovative comedy that easily attracts both children and adults. Halberstad takes on a social issue and explains, on a children’s level, where our food comes from. Typical Dutch decor provides a feast of appreciation and confirms that Knor is a product of Dutch soil.”

Famous voice cast

Gilka van Houten and Henry van Loon got to know each other during the recordings, entered into a relationship and became parents. Johnny Craigkamp, ​​Luca Luca, Case Prinz, Alex Klassen, and Remko Fridag can also be heard in the film.


Times and tickets can be found at During the month of August, Cinema Castellum will donate 1 euro per ticket to the TuTu Foundation.

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Castellum is located in Rijnplein 1-3.

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