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While EVMI is on vacation, we’d like to provide you with a list of reading, watching, and listening tips about nutrition. At the beginning of January we will be back with new news!

Reading Tips

  • Taking an example from a superhero: It turns out to be a very good idea, according to This article is from de Volkskrant. Superheroes exercise a lot, eat healthy food and have a positive outlook on life. A role model for children and adults.
  • During the holidays, we all eat more than usual. Researchers from Utrecht University He argues that eating healthy year-round is more important than watching your food during the holidays.
  • The Van Gorp family cooks food for the pigs on their pig farm. Because of home-made food, pigs have fewer intestinal problems, they exhibit less biting behavior and satiate more quickly. In addition, it reduces odor and ammonia. Read the whole article here.

Viewing Tips

  • in the series SaltFatAcidHeat (Netflix) American chef and cook Samin Nosrat travels to Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United Nations (California) and explores the four basic principles of good cooking: salt, fat, acid, and heat. If you want to unwind for 40-50 minutes, watch an episode of this series!
  • Curious about nutrition and our future? The University of the Netherlands has a five-part series on YouTube Tomorrow’s menu Which focuses on nutrition and the future.

Listening tips

  • If you want a clear explanation of difficult science topics This podcast is from Focus Science something for you. A new episode is released every Friday.
  • This funny three-part podcast focuses on cooking shows beyond our borders, like the doner kebab sandwich. Besides discussing why these sandwiches are so popular, their makers also discuss the culture of the Turks in Holland. My dad is from Chinese takeaway It can be listened to on NPO Radio 1.
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