Warner Bros Discovery Combines HBO Max with Discovery + | show

Warner Bros Discovery Combines HBO Max with Discovery + |  show

Entertainment company Warner Bros Discovery is integrating HBO Max and discovery+ streaming services. The combined company, created by merging the entertainment arm of AT&T and media company Discovery Networks, wants to do so in the United States next summer and then in other countries. At the same time, the company is considering a free version of its streaming service with ads, just like its Netflix counterpart.

Before the merger of the two services becomes a reality, both services will display shared content from the other service, said Director JB Perrette of Warner Bros Discovery’s Broadcasting Branch. These services will also generate fewer and fewer losses after this year. In 2025, Perrette expects an operating profit of $1 billion (transferred 976 million euros) worldwide. Then the entertainment company also wants to have 130 million subscribers on its streaming services.

Now there are 92.1 million subscribers. But this also includes customers who, for example, buy HBO’s payment channels. The combined company announced that it added 1.7 million subscribers in the last quarter, according to the new method.


Despite its focus on live broadcasts, the media company also continues to plan to bring movies to the cinema. New CEO David Zaslav said he has a “different view” about allowing films to premiere on streaming services. HBO Max did just that during the coronavirus pandemic, in part to attract more subscribers.

Zaslav explained earlier this week that Warner Bros. Discovery is navigating a new path. This is how you pull the plug from the movie bat girl which is already fully registered. Some other planned films have also been cancelled.

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It is not yet clear what plans are in place for HBO Max in the Netherlands. The streaming service, which launched in America in 2020, was only introduced here on March 8 this year.

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