Vrehen leaves IKL forever, leaves Supervisory Board 1 Limburg

Vrehen leaves IKL forever, leaves Supervisory Board  1 Limburg

Herman Vrehen (CDA) can no longer return as director of the Foundation for the Preservation of Small Landscape Elements.

Vrehen has already been suspended pending an investigation into the support scandal. The Supervisory Board decided that Vrehen should leave permanently. The IKL Supervisory Board announced this Friday.

The Supervisory Board – chaired by Deodoni Ackermans (CDA) – also resigned as a result of the case.

Former commissioner Hermann Frein is accused of diverting tons of subsidies to his operators that have carried out tasks for IKL. Also, he will appoint himself as manager at a very high rate. “Vrehen has been temporarily relieved of his duties pending an integrity investigation,” IKL wrote in a press release. “Relations with Vrehen’s companies will also be cut off immediately.” The Supervisory Board announced that the investigation of external integrity in the case would continue despite the fact that Vrehen had now permanently left.

The IKL Supervisory Board will remain in its seat until a new supervisory board is appointed. Hermann Frein was not available for a response. Earlier this week he said, “I assume that by investigating IKL the facts will be spoken.”

Representatives of the Christian Democrats Jer Copmans and Hubert McCos resigned on Friday over the support scandal.

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