VPN.h blocks BitTorrent and starts keeping logs after lawsuit

VPN.h blocks BitTorrent and starts keeping logs after lawsuit

VPN.h blocks BitTorrent traffic and tracks IP addresses on its servers in the US. They do this to settle a lawsuit brought against them by a group of independent filmmakers. VPN.h says users are still safe only because the company won’t use their servers in the US anymore.

Filmstudio’s vs. Popcorn Time

VPN.h has been sued by a group of movie producers. Sometimes people use VPNs to download torrents without revealing their identity. There is little that a VPN provider can do about it, as long as you want to protect users’ privacy. In this case, things went wrong when VPN.h actively recommended Popcorn Time. This app is full of illegally obtained movies. VPN.h bragged about using one of its IP addresses to share movies over Popcorn Time. This has gone in the wrong direction for film producers.


The plaintiffs managed to get through the courts to freeze the company’s PayPal account on top of VPN.ht, Wicked Technology Limited. This increased the pressure significantly. In the end, the two parties came to an agreement because Wicked Technology agreed to drastic changes.

To please the movie producers, VPN.ht is blocking BitTorrent for users on their servers in the US. It does not matter whether legal or illegal material is downloaded. In addition, they keep logs of IP addresses connected to their servers in the United States. Not only that, when the movie producer requests, the data can be transferred from the VPN user when he illegally downloads one of his movies.

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VPN.ht Privacy

This sounds like a nightmare for any VPN user. People use VPN to ensure their online privacy and increase their online security. When choosing a good VPN provider, a strong no-logs policy is essential.

To settle the lawsuit, VPN.h had to surrender to the movie producers. However, they do not intend to leave their customers out in the cold. Like it because they indicate that they have no intention of sharing users’ information. Since the promised measures only apply to its servers in the US, the company has simply decided to stop using servers in the US. This way they can still adhere to the no-logs policy.

It is clearly not ideal for VPN.ht users. Since US servers won’t be available soon, users can no longer take a US IP address via a VPN to watch the US version of Netflix, for example.

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