Volkswagen unveils its first fully electric sedan

Volkswagen unveils its first fully electric sedan

The Volkswagen ID line introduced itself in 2020 with the now popular ID. 3, followed by a larger identifier. 4, ID. 5 and id. buzz. Hatchbacks, crossovers, van: modern sedans were still missing. Personal investigation. The AERO has now been introduced by Volkswagen as a concept car, but as with previous VW electric models, this concept will in many ways correspond to the final vehicle.

European production of ID. AERO will start in 2023. The car is built on the same platform as other identity cars, the modular MEB platform. The car’s aerodynamic shape provides more efficiency, according to Volkswagen. The most efficient identifier. The battery-powered AERO has a range of 77 kWh, 620 km. id. 3 With the same battery it can go up to 553 kilometers on a full charge, both according to the WLTP method.

A competitor to the Tesla Model 3

Volkswagen may also be working on an electric station wagon. New identity photos. The AERO is similar to the Space Vizzion concept that Volkswagen introduced in 2019, except that the car is a station wagon.

It is assumed that the electric car will not act as an ID. AERO is on the road, but the car gets a number again: ID. 7 clear. With its work-like appearance and high mileage, id. The AERO is likely to be a competitor to the Tesla Model 3, an electric car popular among business drivers.

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