‘Violent Night’ starring David Harbor as Fierce Santa gets trailer

'Violent Night' starring David Harbor as Fierce Santa gets trailer

It’s October and that means the countdown to Christmas can begin. And of course Christmas also includes Christmas movies. As usual, a number of new messages will appear this year. A great new Christmas movie is Violet night Starring David Harbor.

Of course we know David Harbor mainly as Jim Hooper Weird thingsBut in Violet night We see him in a completely different guise. In it he plays the role of Santa Claus, although he is not the Santa Claus we are used to.

Violet night

with a title like Violet night Of course you know you shouldn’t expect an ordinary Christmas movie. So it’s not about kids meeting Santa or a romantic story set during the holiday season. in Violet night We see Santa Claus preparing for his busiest day of the year, but it turns out to be very different from what he was expecting.

Santa Claus ends up with a wealthy family that was violently robbed at the time. As a good-hearted man, he helps the family. That’s when the movie takes a completely different turn. It will be an action movie in which we see Santa fighting against thieves. It uses, among other things, grenades, knives and a hammer.

The eye-catching Christmas movie can be seen in US cinemas starting Friday, December 2, 2022. The movie is likely to be shown with us on Wednesday, November 30.

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Watch the trailer for it here Violet night:

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