Vink VTS: “ Keep the heat out ”

Vink VTS: `` Keep the heat out ''

Effective January 1, 2023, existing office buildings must also have at least a C energy label, as per the government’s intention. According to Vink VTS, sunscreen window film could help make a quantum leap in this poster.

Vink VTS puts heat resistant window film in the spotlight this month. Because aside from the intended energy saving, this film has several other benefits, according to the specialists at Vink VTS and Solar Protection Films.


The world of window films is still unknown to many sign makers, while much additional trade can be found with existing customers. “Especially when it’s seen that the government wants the incumbent offices to have at least a C energy score by January 1, 2023,” says John D.P., director of solar protection films (SPF) at Genderen. This company is the exclusive distributor in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria for Madeco glass films from the United States. There are different ways to make the leap for this poster, De Bie says, but using window films can definitely contribute to this. “This way it conserves the heat. That’s why Madico is sourcing both sun protection films and window insulation, so-called low-e films, from its BCRG listing program.”

Advantages of sun protection film

Aside from the potential energy savings – the air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard in the summer – the advantages of applying heat and sun-resistant window film are endless, says DP: “Better comfort by reducing the heat behind the glass and less glare or No sunlight, UV filter and more privacy due to poor visibility. “

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Application of window films requires knowledge and training.

In addition to the heat-resistant films from Madico’s Architectural software, the Vink VTS also has automotive (car window tinting and tinting) and safety and security window films from the American manufacturer in its range. It also provides tools for applying window films. Cooperating with an SPF distributor has a long history. For years, professional Vink VTS training courses have been organized at Wormerveer for window film application.

SPF Architectural Bottle Training

The quality of the sun protection film largely depends on the good and professional installation. John Overbeck, Business Development Manager at Vink VTS: “It’s not just about experience, most label makers know how to stick, but also knowledge. If you make the wrong choices, for example stick an internal chip on the outside or don’t take into account the type of glass or problem Building user, things could go completely wrong. The glass could be shattered as a result. “

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