Video games may be the future of live music

Video games may be the future of live music

During COVID-19, musicians are turning to video games like Fortnite as virtual concerts stages. Here’s why these events are here to stay.

With large gatherings still waiting as the world grapples with COVID-19, musicians have turned to staging shows in the virtual world. From “concerts” broadcasted from personal spaces to individual live collaborative performances grouped together via teleconferencing applications, another platform is making its way into the spotlight for musicians to connect with large audiences at the time: video games such as It is an electronic game, Maine Craft And the Roblox.

Fortnite is on top

Colorful battle royale for epic games It is an electronic game He was an influential pioneer in such virtual campaigns, that Marshmello opened with an in-game concert in February. According to Epic Games, this was attended by 10.7 million players.

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It is an electronic game The success was followed by a performance by rapper Travis Scott in the astronomical in-game event. Scott launched a new track during the show, which is said to have been attended by 12.3 million people. Astronomical was definitely a unique experience in terms of virtual concerts, as players were blown away in the in-game world environments as the god-like avatar Travis Scott transformed the reality of the game.

Gorillaz and digital avatars

No strangers to acting out with stylized avatars, animated rock band Gorillaz, along with guest artist Beck, introduced their latest song in another game that’s enjoying its time in the public eye: Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Gorillaz frontman 2D and Beck appeared as guest musicians in Animal talk, A late-night talk show hosted by screenwriter Gary Wita and held entirely inside new Horizons.

The duo performed “The Valley of the Pagans” with their fellow villagers singing their sweet hearts out in an in-game group. Animal talk It’s gaining fame in its own right, with the show featuring famous guests like Selena Gomez, Brie Larson, and Danny Trejo, showing how celebrities have been eager to jump into video games as well.

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BlockWest BlockWest

Maine Craft It has also seen its share of artists making the most of its expanding creative world by organizing virtual in-game concerts. Teams like Anamanaguchi and American Football have raised money for coronavirus relief efforts through Maine Craft Concerts. The Philly band Courier Club has put together one of the biggest virtual music festivals in video games, with bands like Pussy Riot, Sir Sly and Idles taking turns on stage in front of thousands of players, plus more listening streams.

Lil Nas X x ROBLOX

Maybe take a page from It is an electronic game Travis Scott, Lil Nas X rapper, recently teamed up Advertise on Twitter He will take his proverbial horse to the sandbox of the game’s creation Roblox To experience a virtual concert on November 13 and 14. RobloxThe website for Lil Nas X notes that the event will see the first performance of the new Lil Nas X song, along with a slew of hookups in-game for attendees. These include exclusive emotes and limited-edition items to beautify in-game avatars such as “free old cowboy hat”.

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A large number of artists rely on online platforms like Instagram, Twitch, Facebook, and TikTok that allow them to keep in touch with their fan base by sharing content or personal activities on the go. Social media has become more important and comfortable in this period of social distancing. Not only does it help friends and families to stay in touch from a safe distance, but it also allows artists to stay in touch with their audiences.

However, video games provide a greater amount of interaction, as well as the feeling of being “present” at an event. With in-game avatars, players can freely move around, interact, and focus their attention on whatever they want to see when they feel like it. There is this sense of belonging in the crowd, as participants mingle with fellow party-goers. These virtual concerts provide a sense of community that many crave at the moment as hundreds, thousands, or even millions of players follow to enjoy music and a new type of concert experience.

With more and more people turning to virtual gatherings, along with the escape and freedom that video games provide, there are some clear benefits to holding shows this way. Artists can reach a much wider audience in a game like It is an electronic game or Maine Craft Than they can in a traditional place. As a result, we may already be witnessing such events as a key component of the future of live music – a global health crisis or not.

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