Verstappen no longer participates in Drive to Survive: ‘A lot of things have been organised’

Verstappen werkt niet meer mee aan Drive to Survive:

Max Verstappen no longer participates in the popular Netflix Original campaign to survive. According to the Dutchman, his interviews with Netflix were taken out of context and several competitions were organized.

The Formula 1 Circus has been closely followed since the 2018 season by the Netflix crew of the Drive to Survive series. In this series, fans get a special look behind the scenes of the heyday of motorsport. And with great success, because the series has already gained a lot of fans. However, not everyone is happy with the program. “I understand that this must be done to increase popularity in America,” Verstappen said. News agency. “But as a driver I don’t like being a part of it.”

Verstappen has contributed to the series in recent seasons, but is unhappy with the way Netflix is ​​handling images. According to the Dutchman, he gave some interviews, after which the quotes were used in very different situations than what was being discussed at the time. In addition, they “allegedly falsified a lot of things.”

Rivalry with Hamilton

“They did some competitions that didn’t really exist,” he says. “That’s why I decided to not be a part of it anymore and didn’t do any interviews after that, because then they can’t show anything. I’m not a really dramatic person, I just want facts and real things to use.”

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When asked if Hamilton and Verstappen are really rivals, he answered laconicly. “It’s possible that we’ll be on a Netflix series. We bumped into each other, so he’s probably there.”

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