Vaccination of the deceased husband, Pfizer, former mayor of Nordweckerhout, Rinus Adriançi | The interior

Vaccination of the deceased husband, Pfizer, former mayor of Nordweckerhout, Rinus Adriançi |  The interior

Noordwijk Mayor Wendy Verklej made the announcement at the start of the board meeting. The memory of the former civil servant was commemorated with a minute of silence. Ideas also went to former local councilor and district manager Ted Janssen and former recorder Hope Cullen, who also passed away in recent weeks.

On Monday morning, Adriaanse was among the first to report to GGD’s new injection site at Noordwijkerhout. Under the rules, he was supervised in a chair fifteen minutes after his injection. Collapsed outside. He was immediately resuscitated, but he later died in hospital. What was supposed to be a ceremonial opening of Leeuwenhorst’s injection site turned out to be a sad day.

Mayor Vercleigh was shocked the same day. “Today I took everything into account at the official opening of the injection site in Nordweckerhout. Except with this. I am very upset about what happened and I feel deeply about the family. It is up to RIVM and GGD to make more medical announcements on this topic. As the mayor, I now want to I stand with those affected. To be there for them. ” On Tuesday evening, I informed the city council that he was the former city clerk.

Adriaanse retired from Noordwijkerhout in December 2001, after serving that municipality for 22 years. At the age of 16, he had already enrolled in the civil service and started his career at the Zeeland Regional Registry, but found the work a bit ambiguous. “I wanted to be closer to the people I work for. As my country official, that was possible,” he said in a farewell interview in 2001.

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Although he had the idea of ​​staying at Noordwijkerhout for only five or six years, he was forced to return to it after protests from his sons. “This turned into a war at the table: moving from Nordweckerhout was out of the question.” After saying goodbye to the municipality, he advised many people when they asked. He was also a welcome guest on local football association VVSB. There was, among other things, the president of the businessmen club. “We are losing a prominent figure within the club, a strong and committed supporter and patron of our first team in home and away matches and a welcome guest in our sponsor at home and in the restaurant. Unfortunately, he is no longer attending the opening of our new residence.

Adriaanse was awarded a royal honor in 2002 for his volunteer activities, among others, for the Disciplinary Committee of the KNVB District West III, VVSB, VVV Noordwijkerhout and the ‘Het Spektrum’ recruitment agency in Vorhout. At the time he was appointed a member of the Order of Orange Nassau.

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