Unusual scenario: Two hurricanes may make landfall at the same time | abroad

Unusual scenario: Two hurricanes may make landfall at the same time |  abroad

Two tropical storms may reach the southern United States simultaneously on Monday. This is very rare. “It’s an unusual scenario.”

Tropical Storm Laura is currently located east of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao. The second hurricane is located over the western part of the Caribbean Sea and is likely to be named Marco. “The maps show that both systems put the southern states of the United States as their ultimate goal,” said meteorologist Diana Wuy of Weerplaza.

During the height of hurricane season, multiple storms and tornadoes are common. So it’s not uncommon for one storm to make landfall in the United States, for example, while another storm to make landfall in Central America or the Caribbean.

However, only one case is known where two tropical systems made landfall around the same time. On September 5, 1933, a Category 3 hurricane made landfall in Brownsville, Texas. Meanwhile, at noon local time, a tropical storm made landfall in Cedar Key, Florida.

absolute peak

The Atlantic hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November 30. Statistically, the vast majority of hurricanes are active in mid-August and early October. The absolute peak is usually around September 10.

In terms of hurricanes, the situation hasn’t been that bad so far in 2020. However, many tropical storms have arisen. We are now behind Tropical Storm Kyle. Weerplaza’s Raymond Claassen says there’s never been a storm before with the letter K early in the season. Kyle formed on August 14, ten days before the 2005 Storm Key. “That became a historic hurricane, because who doesn’t know Hurricane Katrina?”

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