Until 2021: We Reserve Hope for Home Theater

Until 2021: We Reserve Hope for Home Theater
Wonder Woman (1984).

Two days before Gandalf was inoculated, Mark Rutte addressed the Dutch population to explain why society was so restrictive. Gandalf’s vaccination did not in any way remind us of his heroic performance in the Lord of the Rings. British actor Ian McKellen, 81, sat without a beard or pointed hat in a pale blue shirt and a rainbow scarf knitted under a fading fluorescent light and raised his thumb. Balrog was defeated and Covid-19 had no chance either. It was a beautiful victory gesture. Hope brings life!

On the other hand, Rutte’s speech in Hit Turingi was undermined by the whistling and booing of protesters on the other side of Hofvijver in The Hague. Their message was clear: Flee your tyranny, we will not participate. The prime minister kept his face straight, but he was also upset.

My mind drifted into the vile Latin American ambassador in The hidden magic of the bourgeoisie, Who shot a protester with a rifle from his embassy in Paris. This is how we do it in Miranda Republic, no mob mercy!

The sharp satire of the Spanish surrealist Luis Buñuel was one of the highlights of a home theater during the spring’s first shutdown; Completely imbued with the confusion and alienation that plagued us from the pandemic, and funny too. The fact that a movie from 1972 also gained importance last week is evidence of Buñuel’s mastery. And the power of art.

Mark Root referred Wonder Woman to the waiting room with measures to curb the epidemic. Her new adventure Wonder Woman 1984 It will be showing for the first time in over a hundred cinemas after repeated delays, but all theaters are currently closed until January 19. Dealer Warner Bros. has immediately announced a new date for its premiere: January 20. Anyone reading between the lines can conclude that the Warner Brothers were also tired of tyranny.

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Grenade launcher

The four brothers have always been a cassowary, but their current vice-president in the US media conglomerate recently threw the bat into the chicken coop: No further premieres will be postponed in 2021. Expensive scene films including Dune, Godzilla vs Kong And the fourth part of The matrix It will appear next year on the planned date, if needed only on Warner HBO Max’s live streaming service. This channel is currently only accessible in the United States and has attracted very few subscribers since its launch in the spring.

Golden Rooster Warner Christopher Nolan who this year before Tenet He forced a semi-successful movie thriller, screaming kill and fire. He was not alone. But Jason Keelar, the new president of WarnerMedia, worked as a hacker for Jeff Bezos in Amazon’s early days. He knows the ropes. You could say that Kellar, as ambassador of the Republic of Warnabrue, does not deploy a shotgun, but rather a grenade launcher against protesters.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins both agreed to a personal reward from $ 10 million for the US Christmas premiere on HBO Max, but they also needed a hack after five postponements. Their movie features a Trumpian villain, and you can’t get over that in a year. Please no, that’s enough.

Movie premiere Wonder Woman 1984 It coincides with Pixar’s animated movie Spirit, Appearing worldwide on Disney + The Day After Tomorrow. It represents a long-awaited revolution in film distribution, accelerated by the epidemic. Most filmmakers and producers will conform to the new norms, but the future of large movie franchises and expensive viewer movies is uncertain.

Disney promises to improve: All new movies from the Star Wars and Marvel worlds always go to the movie theaters first. When open. There we can then enter the crowded room with our vaccination certificate and pretend that 2020 was a collective nightmare, as the superheroes stood in the waiting room while we were at home watching Baby Yoda and Tiger King en masse until Gandalf raised his thumb.

it was hard

It’s a relaxing idea. But let me continue on the current basis in 2021. Much is lost in the year of the pandemic. it was hard. But movies and music kept me going and opened new worlds and amazed me and sometimes my passion. Beethoven pastoral, Blu-ray box full of Buñuel, a record forgotten by Butthole Surfers, an old James Bond, 1975 World Bodybuilding Championship (Arnold won). It all helped. This was only the letter B from cinema, home cinema.

The halls are closed, but eyes and ears remain open. We will not get there.

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