Unsatisfactory large for the Rutte IV cabinet: A 3.3

Unsatisfactory large for the Rutte IV cabinet: A 3.3

Confidence is also very low. Only 15 percent of those surveyed still support this government. The majority, two-thirds of the respondents, want the government to resign and new elections be called. This should be done within a year.

Crisis time

Remarkably, pro-opposition voters do not prefer to go to the polls as soon as possible, and this also applies to a large section of supporters of government parties. The expectation that this government will complete its full term in office is also not high (16 percent).

A quarter of the respondents reject holding new elections because it will cause more problems in this time of crisis.

thanks for what?

What does the government owe is not enough? In particular, the (lack of) action in the premium case, the refugee crisis, nitrogen, purchasing power and gas extraction in Groningen, according to respondents’ explanations. Confidence that the current government would do something about it in the short term all but disappeared from respondents.

15 percent confidence, as we mentioned before, is very low. Only once since the polls began, in 2007, confidence has been much lower, and this achievement is also credited to the Mark Rutte government. That was in 2013, when billions had to be cut.

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