Uncharted with Tom Holland is likely to come to Netflix soon

Uncharted with Tom Holland is likely to come to Netflix soon

the film Unknown Coming to Netflix soon. At least in the US anyway. There, the film starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will hit the streaming service on July 22. This does not necessarily mean that Unknown It will also be shown with us, but this indicates the possible arrival of the film in the near future.

Although the movie is still in theaters, Unknown Moving to Netflix very soon. that reports the edge. Right now, there’s only a US release date, but that means the movie (a little later) is likely to be shown with us as well. This is because distributor Sony has a deal with Netflix.


There is a possibility that you will soon go to Unknown You can watch from your living room. The movie will be released on Netflix on July 22 in the United States. This is not immediate evidence of a release in our country, but it does mean that the chance is high. For now, you can still watch the movie in the cinema, but by the end of the summer you’ll also be able to do it from your seat.

Sony has a deal with Netflix. Starting this year, the streaming platform will be home to all of the Sony movies coming out of the cinema. Among other things, Express train Already advertise and you will find Spider ManMovies with Tom Holland also on Netflix.


There will likely be more soon Unknown Bee. The film follows Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) in his search for precious treasures around the world. The movie is based on a game of the same name for PlayStation, and also from Sony. In the game, Drake looked to be in his thirties, but a younger actor was chosen for the film.

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With Tom Holland, the producer made a good choice, because the 25-year-old Briton is currently one of the most famous actors in the world. Holland was assisted in the film by, among others, Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan. Together with friends’ Sullivan or Sully, Nathan will go on a journey Indiana JonesA way to search for hidden treasures around the world. During that trip, he also learned a lot about his missing brother, Sam.

Watch the trailer for Unknown over here:

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