UFC Fight Island 6 results: Andrade stops Chookagian with body shots, Crute clobbers Bukauskas

UFC Fight Island 6 results: Andrade stops Chookagian with body shots, Crute clobbers Bukauskas

The UFC Fight Island 6 main card nearly expired, and the night’s co-main event saw former straight champion, Jessica Andrade, rise in weight for UFC number 1 women’s flyweight stop, Kathleen Chukagian, with villains body shots in the first round. Shortly after one of her patented strikes, Andrade tore a right hook in the flesh damaging Shukagian, then called another to drop it. There is no doubt that Andrade is the elite and the next clear contender for the Ultimate Fighting Championship flyweight championship, Valentina Shevchenko.

Prior to that, Jimmy Crute added to his highlight reel when the Modestas kicked out Bukauskas in just over two minutes. It was the big right hand that wiggled Bokaskas, then the big right hand followed by the left hook that ended the fight. Crute’s four UFC victories have come by way of an end to which he can still be seen on TV. His post-fight interview included a respectful caption by Nikita Krylov, another well-known player.

Earlier on the main card, he saw the welterweight division James Krause lean over the counter-batting to make a unanimous decision on Claudio Silva. Krause held together the whole time, causing his opponent to miss as he returned with sharp, direct punches. On the most bypass, Krause has now won seven consecutive official fights in the UFC under 185 pounds. Upon opening the main card, Jonathan Martinez beat Thomas Almeida for the most part of three rounds for a unanimous decision. Martinez took the center of the cage and took a hit with a veteran striker, looking better than ever as he did. Martinez is now 4-2 inside the UFC.

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Main Card:

Jessica andrade def. Kathleen Shukajian by TKO at 4:55 from Round 1: (W) Flyweight

Andrade came out and pressed Chookagian against the cage before he achieved a takedown. Chookagian threatened an arm rod, and used it to shove her feet. Andrade’s big leg kick knocked Chookagian down for a moment. On his feet and in snatch, Chookagian scored a lot in the midsection. Next, Andrade lifted Shukajian and hit her on the canvas. They stood up, and Andrade Chukagian snatched a hook in the body. Chookagian began to hold back and Andrade sniped her back with another body hook that dropped her. The referee was right on top of things to stop the fighting and prevent any unnecessary harm.

Jimmy Crot Dave. Modestas Bukauskas by KO at 2:01 am from Round 1: Light Heavyweight

Crute immediately pressed forward and Bukauskas pressed into the cage. Bucauskas had accidentally grabbed a knee in the cup, causing a brief pause in the fight. Crute is right back at work, heading to Bukauskas. He then sped off with a crazy right header that made Buocaskas dizzy, then followed him with a sinister hunk to keep him startled, then a left hook that dropped Modestas to seal the deal. Yikes!

James Crause Dave. Claudio Silva unanimous decision (30-27 x 3): Lightweight

Krause was completely out of reach when exiting the gate, which caused Silva to miss several times. Krause managed to land with recorded anti-stinging punches, causing Silva to close the distance. Silva tried to put Krause on the ground, but the American was ingenious enough to free himself. On his feet, Krause continued to direct counterpunches while Silva swung with zig-zag hooks. He even shook Silva and shot in despair at the end of the round.

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Krause continued to get the best from the hitting in the sixth round. He was using his foot to make his opponent miss, and then he would directly return the laser to do damage. Silva failed in his attempts to bring the fight to Earth as well. By the end of the round, Silva was starting to drop a bit more as he added in some leg kicks, but Krause was still filling him with crosses.

The broadcast stated that Krause told his corner he was having knee problems in the final round, although it didn’t seem to affect his production much. After that, Silva starts to really rip his leg kicks. Krause had spun a bunch of times, but the American stood behind and started shooting the punches. Silva kept shooting, whether he missed or not, he would throw his punches. Krause stayed more balanced, picked his shots with better precision and landed more often.

Jonathan Martinez was defeated. Thomas Almeida unanimous decision (30-27 x 3): Featherweight

The fighters met in the middle and exchanged some sensual punches. There were a lot of front punches and kicks thrown in there. Martinez controlled the center of the octagon and made Almeida come to it. The punch and knee were regular weapons Martinez used. Almeida seemed to be without intention and could not go forward with anything.

Almeida had a better start in the second round, despite his left eye bleeding. He was able to score with some low-power hits as Martinez sat and waited. In snatch, Martinez fell with a knee in the middle but Almeida landed with a hook that dropped Jonathan. The tour was close, and the Almeida tour is much better than the first round.

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Martinez remained behind a jab in the last round. He built it with his left hand with his southern hand and was cracking. Almeida showed his heart, and he kept holding back. He got two clean sets, but Martinez kept landing himself and refused to let Almeida take charge.

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