Cruz Azul vs Tigres: Live Online Updates (0-0) | 10/17/2020

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65 ‘

yellow card! Floating Emmanuel Reyes from Cruz Azul.

64 ‘

Cruz Azul change, Yoshimar Yoton leaves and enters Santiago Jimenez


Gignac Yellow Card! Second tiger.


Nahuel Guzman warned! The reason for this is the personality and gestures of the goalkeeper on the field.


Rodriguez missed penalty kick! After a play in which Tigres Guzmán goalkeeper missed.


Alvarado came back to life with his left foot.

Start the second half!

Blue Cross and Tigers to win.

45 ‘mt

UANL change, Leonardo Fernandez leaves and Eduardo Vargas enters

45 ‘

The first half is over. without feelings!

45 ‘

Very little is shown by visitors in the game.

40 ‘

yellow card! Jose Rivero was reprimanded for Cruz Azul.


The game is played on a half moon from the field.


Rodriguez, from the Blue Sky team, is moving with the ball past him.


Yellow card by Luis Romos and Jesus Dueneas.

Corner shot by Blue Cross. Without much risk.

Cruz Azul has a sphere of tigers

Cruz Azul: Lineup

Corona, Dominguez, Romo, Aldret, Escobar, Reyes, Rivero, Jotun, Alvarado, Orbelin and “Capecita”

Tigers: lineup

Guzman, Reyes, Meza, Carioca, Fernandez, Pizarro, Aquino, Rodriguez, Dewenas, Geniac, Lopez

This is how Cruz Azul arrived at Azteca Stadium

Key findings

In the morning, Cruz Azul defeated Tigres 2-1, and the result reached second place in the overall standings. Meanwhile, U17 won the slightest difference against Nuevo Leon, putting them in 10th place with 25 points in the competition.

Duel on the goleo board

How to Watch Cruz Azul vs Tigres Live TV and Stream

Cruz Azul: the last line-up

J Corona, J. Domínguez, A. Aldrete, J. Escobar, J. Reyes; J. Domínguez, I. Rivero, Y. Yotún, O. Pineda; J. Rodríguez, S. Giménez.

Tigress: The last lineup

Guzman, Rodriguez, Ayala, Mesa, Salcedo, Duinas, Pizarro, De Souza, Fernandez, Quinones, Geniac.

Quartet arbitration

Claw sharpening

After a hesitant start, where Ricardo Ferretti’s management was questioned at the head of the cat team, it seems that the UANL team has found the compass and in this final of the tournament they are already in the first places in the classification, for Tigris it will be essential not to lose in order to qualify directly

Starting time

Cruz Azul vs Tigres match will take place at Azteca Stadium, CDMX, Al Balad. The start of the match has been set at 10:00 PM ET.


Welcome to’s live coverage of the 2020 contest match: Cruz Azul vs Tigres! My name is Claudio Amelco and I will be your host for this game. We’ll provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates and news as they happen right here on VAVEL.

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