Twitter will return the validation process

Twitter will set up the account verification process on Thursday, May 20. This option was revised in November 2017 after a scandal caused by testimony issued by a white fanatic in the United States, who organized a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey spoke at the time about the identity verification system “broken” It had to be rebuilt.

After several years of turmoil, Twitter users will be able to “check” themselves again in their profile options. The option will be rolled out gradually worldwide, starting May 20, in a form accessible in Account Options.

Preview the new social media template to request a blue badge for your account.

However, their applications will be accepted as soon as they fall into the relevant certification categories identified by Twitter and if they provide the necessary evidence (identity papers, professional email addresses, etc.). For all new applicants, a “Human team” Twitter will consider on a case-by-case basis whether the conditions and evidence presented allow verification, as social media officials promised at a press conference on Wednesday, May 19.

On this occasion, they revealed the categories of people who can request re-verification of their account as of May 20:

  • People who work for governments and public authorities;
  • Journalists working in newsrooms.
  • People who work for already verified companies, brands, or organizations;
  • Athletes and personalities from the world of entertainment;
  • last but not least, Activists, organizers and influencers.

Detailed documentation describes all of these criteria It has already been posted in the “Help Center” on the social networkWith the goal of helping 200 million daily users.

The blue badge

Social media officials have said that 360,000 social media accounts already verified worldwide, according to a number of Twitter’s flagship identity producer, will not have to repeat the process. On the one hand, people who have violated Twitter usage rules in the past 12 months prior to requesting verification (for example, after their account was suspended after hateful or unauthorized tweets on the network) will see their request verified. .

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If the request is accepted, the Twitter user can specifically see their account name with a small blue badge. For example, the editor’s Twitter account Scientist (Include a TweetA blue badge proves that the editors are properly maintaining itTo get it, they had to provide Twitter with proof of their identity and work.

A picture of the editorial board account on Twitter

This badge, which can also be found on other social networks, such as Instagram or TikTok, attests to the correct identity of the person managing the account. It is a guarantee of trust and credibility, while Twitter is used poorly by many politicians, journalists and celebrities, who often take a stand or post information about current topics of the day.

Twitter project managers all stated at the press conference that their goal is to help build testimonials Trust public conversations, So that users can obtain evidence that the account holder posted the Tweet. On the one hand, the system will not prevent problematic hijacking: for example, when an already verified account is hacked, it happened in the summer of 2020 when the accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Elon Musk were hijacked and the fraudulent messages were hacked. Spread.

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