Twitter removed a video from Trump’s tweet after a complaint from the ‘Electric Avenue’ singer

Twitter removed a video from Trump's tweet after a complaint from the 'Electric Avenue' singer

Twitter removed a video from a tweet by President Donald Trump on Tuesday after he received a copyright complaint from Eddie Grant, the musician whose hit song “Electric Avenue” appeared in the video.

Twitter spokesperson Nick Pacilio confirmed to NBC News that the video was removed in response to the copyright complaint, company’s policy.

This is at least the third time in several months that Twitter has been forced to remove media content from the president’s Twitter account due to DMCA violations.

The move came after Grant filed a lawsuit against Trump and campaigned on Tuesday, accusing them of “willful and false” infringement of his copyright. Grant’s attorney also issued a cease and desist letter two weeks ago.

The video in question shows an animation of a Trump / Pence train passing through an empty town, followed by Joe Biden on a pump truck. Notes of vocal features Biden made in 2017, referring to children rubbing his leg hair and jumping onto his lap, over Grant’s hit song from 1982.

The video, which Trump posted to Twitter on August 12, was viewed nearly 14 million times before Twitter removed it on Tuesday evening.

Twitter has been playing whack-a-mole with the president’s tweets in recent months. In July, she removed an image from Trump’s tweet after she received a DMCA complaint from the New York Times. Trump used the photo, taken by the Times photographer, to promote his election campaign.

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In June, Twitter and Facebook removed a tampered video from Trump’s accounts that showed a black child running away from a young white child, and fake CNN stating the child is a racist. In this case, it was one of the children’s parents who filed the copyright lawsuit.

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