Twente residents compete for Mr. International Holland

Twente residents compete for Mr. International Holland
OLDENZAAL / WIERDEN – TRAINING, PLATFORM, TAKE PHOTOS, LEARN TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF. If you pick up the title Mister International Netherlands, there is a lot to consider.

Boris Martinovic of Wierden and Ogulcan Tezcan of Oldenzaal are hoping to take the prize to Twente. The gentlemen have now gained a lot of new experiences. “We learned things about makeup,” says Boris Martinovich. Ogulkan Tezkan nodded with a smile: “We get tips and tricks.”

Tezcan just graduated from Level 4 in Electrical Engineering at ROC in Twente. Oldenzaler heard from his hairdresser that there was an election master and decided to sign up.
Martynovich was already modeling and got tips from his agency. He was somewhat surprised that he was one of the finalists. He is thirty years old, which is the maximum age to participate in these elections.

character and character

They gain experiences, get out of their comfort zone, and have to explain their ambitions in English in a minute, among other things. “Such elections are mainly about character and personality.”

And what are their ambitions? Tezcan sees sharing primarily as a hobby. He works in a high-tech electronics company and would like to further his studies in this field.
In addition to his work in a company at Enter, Martinovic wants to continue modeling, for example participating in the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

But they are now committed first to the Save the Children charity. Because this is also a mandate from this election. Reporting by Twente FM.

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