Realme’s New MagDart Magnetic Wireless Charger

Realme's New MagDart Magnetic Wireless Charger

Jakarta, – Realme released freighter The latest one is called MagDart. charger Or this magnetic wireless electric charger is claimed to be able to charge Android devices quickly.

Realme continues to commit to always being there Technology Pioneers Introducing MagDart as the first wireless charging solution for Android, Palson Yi, Marketing Director of Realme Indonesia said at the virtual launch of MagDart on Tuesday night (3/8).

Basilun Yi said that this technology is reliable and safer than traditional charging systems and is very suitable for active and productive youth.

MagDart Realmi consists of several types, namely MagDart 50W, MagDart 15W and MagDart Power Bank Base. In addition, there are also MagDart Case accessories for Realme GT, MagDart Beauty Light, and MagDart Wallet.

The MagDart 50W is a magnetic wireless charger that has a number of core features, Basilun Yi said in a written statement. In addition to the charging speed of up to 50W, this wireless charging device is also equipped with an active air cooling system capable of maintaining the temperature at motherboard and body remain stable.

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