Sprinter Burnett will not reach 200 meters in Tokyo Games

Sprinter Burnett will not reach 200 meters in Tokyo Games

Dutch sprinter Timir Burnett was unable to qualify for the 200m final at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 28-year-old athlete from Curaçao was stranded in the semi-finals as he finished eighth and last in his qualifying with a time of 20.90.

Reaching the final was an almost impossible task for the Dutch player. In the series, he ran for the 23rd time and in the field of top runners from the United States and Canada, among others, Burnett was covered in snow. The series ran the best season with a time of 20.60. Did not reach the final.

“My body said no tonight,” Burnett said after the race. “I had a little cramp here and there and couldn’t keep my speed straight.” “I’m back in lane 2. When I heard that before the race I was very angry. I don’t like those tight corners, then I have to work hard.”

However, Burnett was completely satisfied. “I haven’t built well this season with injuries and collisions in training. I’ve had a knee injury as a result and I’ve had a lot of fitness in the last two weeks. Despite that I’m still in the semi-finals of the Olympics. Getting ready for the relay. Then still I can take revenge.”

Usain Bolt’s successor was announced in Tokyo. The Jamaican sprint legend won the gold in the 200m three games in a row. Canadian Andre de Grasse qualified for the final as quickly as possible with a difference of 19.73 points. American Kenneth Bednarek set the second fastest time, recording 19.83.


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