Trump’s advisor Giuliani unintentionally plays a major role in the movie Porat

Trump's advisor Giuliani unintentionally plays a major role in the movie Porat

Don’t go any further, because Borat, played by Cohen, breaks into the room. “My daughter is 15 years old, she is too old for you,” he shouted at Giuliani.

Nightcap in a hotel room

The 24-year-old actress asked 76-year-old Giuliani for another night cup in a hotel room after an interview for a non-existent TV show. When you stripped Giuliani’s microphone in the hotel room, he put his hand in his pants. The scene was filmed by a hidden camera.

Giuliani is a legal adviser to President Donald Trump. He didn’t want to answer the questions of the Guardian and the Daily Mail, but instead Twitter He says the footage is “completely fabricated” and that he only put his shirt on his pants after removing the tape recorder.

“I never acted inappropriately before, during, or after the interview. If Sacha Baron Cohen claims otherwise, he’s a die-hard liar.”

You can watch the movie from Friday

According to the Daily Mail, Giuliani doesn’t seem to have gone far. The newspaper wrote that the actress did her best to try him.

Borat Subsequent Movie, a sequel to Borat from 2006, will not be shown in Dutch cinemas, but can be seen from Friday via Amazon’s Live Streaming Service.

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