Transavia violates EU rules with alternatives to canceled flights | Currently

Transavia violates EU rules with alternatives to canceled flights |  Currently

The Consumers Association said Friday that Transavia must refund passengers for canceled flights, offer a flight on the same day or allow them to choose another time they want to travel. Now the options are money back or a flight after the summer and that goes against European rules.

Transavia Airlines announced earlier this week that it will cancel 240 flights between July 7 and August 14. This is about 10 percent of the flights that Transavia had departed from Amsterdam airport during that period. Affected passengers will be given the options to request a refund or to travel after the summer.

“Transavia says it can’t offer everyone an alternative flight. But it doesn’t tell its customers that they can suggest another flight themselves, if needed from another airline. That way, many people can still get to their vacation destination,” says Transavia, director of the Consumers Association. Sandra Molinar.

European rules on passenger rights state that canceled passengers can choose whether they want a refund, want to take a flight on the same day or take a flight at a different time of their choosing. If Transavia cannot take care of this itself, it can also be done through another company and Transavia will have to pay the additional costs.

Transavia cancels flights at Schiphol’s request, because the airport is understaffed during the summer months. EasyJet is also canceling flights. KLM will continue to travel the same amount, but will sell fewer tickets in July and August.

Transavia could not be reached for comment.

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