Trains canceled again today due to a shortage of ProRail staff

Trains canceled again today due to a shortage of ProRail staff

Rail manager ProRail has been struggling with understaffing issues among air traffic controllers for some time, and today other problems are being added on the track as well: A railroad in desperate need of repair has also been broken.

As a result, there will be no train traffic between Utrecht and Arnhem from Saturday 6 November, from 11:00 pm to Sunday, 7 November, 3:00 pm. Train passengers between Maarn and Rhenen and between Barneveld Center and Ede Wageningen also experience a lot of inconvenience from problems at ProRail. Trains on these routes will not operate until 3 p.m. on Sunday.

Air traffic controllers shortage

The shortage of air traffic controllers has been a problem for ProRail for some time. For this reason, trains are often omitted from the schedule. According to the railway director, this has happened mainly so far during holiday periods.

“We are trying to conduct a nationwide survey where this is necessary to deploy personnel in the short term, but this is simply not always possible,” a company spokesperson said in response. “This is of course very annoying.”

The railroad manager expects to have “resolved as much as possible” of the staff shortage by 2023. The spokesperson said ProRail has asked retirees and former employees, among others, to temporarily fill in the blanks when there are gaps.

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