Top actor Mark Wahlberg becomes a priest (in new movie)

Top actor Mark Wahlberg becomes a priest (in new movie)

Stuart Long He was a priest in Helena Parish in the United States. His life reads like finished film material. Mark and the Tower So she didn’t think twice when she was asked to take on the lead role. In fact, he decided to co-invest in production.

Mel Gibson, Another famous Hollywood catholic, plays the father of the priest. It is not known when the exact film will be released, but the recordings have begun.

Stuart Long, from boxer to priest

He was severe in his worldly life and severe in his priesthood, Says Dan Bartelson Head of Communications Helena Archdiocese. His example was transformative. Bart Tollison, The pastor and old friend Stuart adds: His conversion was tremendous, from a troublesome I don’t know to a Sufi encounter with God.

Stewart, or Stowe to Friends, made a name for himself in boxing after a tumultuous school career. In 1985 he won the Montana Gold Gloves Championship. When he had to undergo jaw surgery after a quarrel, he gave up boxing and started an acting career. At the same time he was working in a nightclub. Despite some success as an extra and in the advertising world, he gave up after a few years and went to work at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California, where he rose to the position of director.

One day, he was hit by a car on his way home. The doctors had already ditched him, but Stu made it through.

In the hospital he had an overwhelming religious experience that made him long to be baptized.

In administering the sacrament he felt called to be a priest. Initially, he studied religion for 3 years in high school, where he also trained for wrestling. We write 2003 when joined the estate in Oregon.

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While training as a priest, Stowe underwent a thigh surgery in which a fist-sized lump was discovered. It turns out that he suffers from an inflammatory muscle disease. When he was ordained a priest in December 2007, the consequences were already clear. He passed away in 2014. His life as a priest only lasted 7 years, but his dedication (including the pro-life movement) and social commitment made a huge impression.

And the more his strength diminished, the stronger his testimony. He traveled tirelessly around the parish in his electric wheelchair.

His former bosses and friends are confident the movie is his life Father Stowe would take the credit, although the makers would allow themselves some artistic freedoms. As long as people are interested in his life, sound.

Source: Cyprus News Agency / Helena Archdiocese

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