Top 25 destinations of 2021 | National Geographic

Top 25 destinations of 2021 |  National Geographic


Experience “ancient Europe” in the area made world famous by Dracula.

When you think of Transylvania, you immediately think of Dracula, the famous novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. This book gave present-day Transylvania a mythical status. This brief quote from the book says: “In this damned place, in this damned scene, Satan and his children are still wandering around!”

Since Stocker had never visited Transylvania, he painted books for English travel writers when writing his book in 1897. Some details are fine, such as those for rablóhús (skewers of beef) and the national dish mămăligă (cornmeal porridge), and the sweet honey-colored wine from Medias, Descriptions of traditional clothing, the many crosses along the road and the rich cultural mix of people from Hungary, Saxony, Sekele and the Shea.

However, Stocker doesn’t say a word about the feature that defines Transylvania best: the rustic atmosphere of ancient Europe. Cluj World is a great base for a gentle introduction to the wildflowers of Transylvania and the interesting castles and villages with their cobbled streets. Here you can enjoy an “offline” vacation on a farm: horse and carriage rides, hiking in the wooded Carpathians and helping with household chores like milking sheep, collecting eggs and turning hay.

Rural Transylvania is receiving special attention from Britain’s Heir Apparent Prince Charles, who supports his foundation’s local projects, particularly in the area of ​​architectural heritage. “These buildings are immortal, and that’s what makes them so special,” says the future British king in the Travel Document, Wild Carpathia. “It’s like wandering through your childhood books.” – Traveler Romania

Embrace sustainable travel.
Walk the streets Denver, Colorado. Dive into a shipwreck in an underwater museum Alonesos, Greece. Find wildlife on land and at sea in 13 national parks in Gabon. Take a closer look at marine creatures New Caledonia. Stroll across the hip Copenhagen, Denmark. Go green at friendly plants Freiburg, Germany.

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