Top 10 video games set in the 1970s

Top 10 video games set in the 1970s

Different ages offer game developers unique settings to work with. These are the best games of the 1970s.

Part of what makes video games an exciting form of media is that they have the power to explore any kind of story imaginable. These ideas sometimes include a completely original fictional world, but there are other titles that set themselves apart in the future or make science fiction a priority.

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Video games continue to explore the unknown, but there are now also many titles that are equally interested in searching stored time periods in history. There is value to be found in a game that can accurately recreate events from the past. The 1970s is a popular decade that still appears frequently in the media, but there are also a number of video games that use this time period for inspiration.

10 The disappearance of Ethan Carter

Unreal 4 Fading Ethan Carter Estate

The disappearance of Ethan Carter It takes a unique approach to the horror genre with how it blends standard metaphors with a massive open-world environment and adventure game mechanics. Set in the year 1973, the game follows a superhero detective on his mission to solve the mystery of the death of the Carter family, but the title gives the player a lot of freedom in how to do so. The disappearance of Ethan Carter It includes clever puzzles and stealth elements as well as paranormal components to further delve into the puzzle. It is an adventure that will quickly consume the player.

9 Starsky and Hatch

PS2 Starsky and Hutch Car Crash

Video games have a long history with adaptations of popular TV series and movies, many of which turn out to be a mixed bag. Starsky and Hatch It’s a little surprising as a PlayStation 2 title, but it’s not the worst idea. The series translates well into a combat vehicle title set in the 1970s-based universe series. Starsky and Hatch It won’t beat something like Grand Theft Auto, But it includes the steering wheel and peripherals for the light gun in a clever way that actually adds a lot to the experience.

8 Battlefield Vietnam

Helicopter attack in Vietnam Battlefield

The battlefield The series has been going strong for decades, and for many PC gamers, they are some of the best first-person shooter games that go towards historical accuracy. Battlefield Vietnam It is only the second title in the series, but it does indeed establish many of the core elements in the series.

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Battlefield Vietnam It includes a large collection of different maps that explore the different terrains of the Vietnam War and the game adds many different weapons as well. The game is packed with extra touches like how to turn on vehicle radios for period-appropriate music.

7 Evil Genius

PC Evil Genius Lab

There are a lot of video games out there that have found creative approaches to real-time strategy and simulation genres, however Evil Genius He finds an idea really unique and fun. The title takes inspiration from the thrilling spy thriller genre and the player takes control of a malicious organization whose ultimate goal is world domination. Evil Genius He has a great sense of humor, but the bad guys have a big change of pace. The title is set within an alternate tightened version from the 1960s and 1970s, which permits Evil Genius To fully embrace the parody.

6 Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress Valve 2 Assault

The Team Castle The series has had a great life, starting out as a model for Earthquake Before Valve took advantage of her success and turned it into a chain of her own. Team Fortress 2 It’s more than a decade old, but it still garners a lot of acclaim for helping the multiplayer shooter games. It allows for consistent modifications and updates Team Fortress 2 To evolve and remain relevant. Players love Team Fortress 2 for its community, mechanics, and characters, but seeing the game back to the 1970s is also a fun aspect of the title.

5 70 Geppy-X Anime Robots

Geppy-X, the robot game from PlayStation 70

70 Geppy-X Anime Robots It is a more obscure title for the original PlayStation, but it is very pleasant and features the kind of inflectional assumptions that are more common now. The title is a side shooter game set in an alternate version of the 1970s where mica predominates.

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70 Geppy-X Anime Robots Not only is a loving tribute to anime and mecha, it’s also a wild and entertaining game. All the title makes for is the intense sense of energy, smooth gameplay, and exaggerated bosses 70 Geppy-X Anime Robots stand out.

4 Panther’s Steel II: Modern Battles

PC Steel Panthers II Modern Battles Map of World War II

What can currently be achieved in war video games is really amazing and there are still ways to invent the formula and bring more to the genre. War games were limited to tactical and simulation games during the 1990s, however Steel Panthers The series is some of the most impressive of its kind. Panther’s Steel II: Modern Battles It develops on its predecessor and is one of the most popular war titles of its generation. It helped study many ways from the 1970s through a more strategic and tactical perspective than how games currently operate.

3 Scattered: tortured parents

Horror savior forest of tormented parents

Scattered: tortured parents It is the first title in a trilogy of survival horror games which is one of the most disturbing and idiosyncratic of the genre. This psychological horror game revolves around Rosemary Reed, a woman who searches for her missing daughter and enters a mysterious mansion. Tortured parents Not only in the 1970s, but he draws a lot of inspiration from horror movies of the genre, especially the work of Dario Argento. Scattered: tortured parents Filled with spooky tension and sudden twists in the plot that will keep the player entertained.

2 The leading company

Nintendo is the leading company for NES staff

There are a number of great games for the original Nintendo console that just don’t seem to have enough mainstream oomph to make it to America. The leading company It is a strategic title from Koei that looks like a mashup Sim City A chapter in the economy. Players must create a dominant business empire in Japan as VCR and VHS technology emerge. Players can set the game in the 1970s or 1980s and deal with the technological changes that have taken place as a result. It is a very creative method in strategy and types of simulation.

1 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

PS4 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam launched

There are plenty of shooters who made the Vietnam War their settings, however Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, It was able to distinguish between its competitors. Storm height 2 It tries to create a tense experience as authentic as possible and details like bomb blast will keep players on their toes more than a standard shooter. The Storm surging The series is also first-person shooter games that focus on tactical gameplay. It’s not just a good shot, but the game pushes players to outpace their opponents and work harder to achieve their victories.

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