Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2022

Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2022

MSI Modern 15

We start the list with a gift for the hard-working mom. Of course we mean the MSI Modern 15, the perfect laptop for any hardworking worker. Thanks to the elegant design and light packaging, you can easily take your laptop with you everywhere and you can even organize your work easily on the train. The fact that the battery also lasts for a long time is a big plus when you feel like watching a nice series or movie.

An Intel Core i5 processor, combined with Intel Iris Xe graphics, delivers lightning-fast speeds for moms, while the laptop’s 512GB SSD delivers incredibly fast performance. The fact that the laptop is on sale for Mother’s Day makes this gift idea so adorable. This way your mom has a great laptop and it won’t cost you anything.


Do you think that your mother smells bad or do you simply want to give her something tasty, then choose the ritual. Just kidding of course. The ritual is actually a guarantee of a successful gift. Let’s be honest, do you even know one woman who doesn’t like getting a Rituals package as a gift? Delicious pampering bundle with soap, cream and shower gel. Mom can’t resist this. Unless you’re a mom with sensitive skin, but then we have plenty of other gifts on this list.

Good book

A good book is never wrong, especially not as a Mother’s Day gift. The book is perfect as a gift in the lead-up to the summer days when sitting outside in the garden becomes a lot more fun. On the other hand, the book can already be left aside for the summer vacation period.

Some recommendations you can’t go wrong with are bestsellers like witch’s wisdom or things you only see when you take the time. Of course you can also choose one of the books by our editor-in-chief Rox van der Helm, such as her new novel Een duif onder de bed, which focuses on red hangover.


From a good paper book we proceed directly to its digital counterpart, the tablet. Today’s tablet can be used wonderfully as an educational tool as you can often adjust the brightness of the blue light to make the experience more pleasing to your eyes. After all, you don’t want your mother to have trouble with her eyes while reading. Then she could no longer see her beautiful creations come with beautiful gifts!

cinema ticket

Now that the cinemas are open, it’s time to enjoy the good old days with your mom. Even when the weather is warm, this is a very nice gift, since the air conditioning is always used in the halls. The most important thing, of course, is to have fun together. Fortunately, this is currently possible with so many great titles in theater halls.

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For example, the new Fantastic Beasts, Dumbledore’s Secrets, works especially for moms who are part of the fantasy. Another great title, which has been a hit in the US, is Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Although we can imagine your mom might be interested in a great movie from Dutch soil. You can do it with Costa! If your mother has a more sinister heart, you can enjoy Morbius together. Hey, we don’t judge. We wish you and your mom lots of fun just in the dark!

Gaming is more popular than ever and has long ceased to be an exclusive hobby for men. It wasn’t actually the case, despite the fact that this had been a static image for a long time. One game that has been selling like hot cakes since its release is Animal Crossing New Horizons.

The reason for that is logical: It’s a rock-solid game. Everyone can relax in their spare time by building your own island with cute animals. An added bonus is, of course, that the game came out on the Switch and can therefore be taken anywhere.

dinner voucher

Another nice gift you can donate, which you’re supposed to give in secret, is a dinner voucher. “Look, Mom, please! We should have a bite to eat together!” For many moms, this hasn’t been possible for a few years because of Miss Coved. With a dinner coupon, you can also be sure that you can go in all directions and not target a particular cuisine specifically. After all, Mother’s Day is the day we have to put our makeovers in the spotlight, so it’s up to Mom to say where she wants to go.

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smart watch

In theory, you can reach your mother very easily. WhatsApp is sent in no time, but then you have to get a response. Some moms often get used to not checking their smartphone and it can take days to respond to a message all of a sudden.

With a smartwatch you can solve the problem right away, so you can also help yourself a little. On the other hand, the smartwatch is very useful for tracking steps and mothers can start a competition with other mothers in the neighborhood.

board game

It’s a good idea to offer something on Mother’s Day that will secretly benefit the whole family. So how about a great board game? You can go for a unique version of Monopoly, consider this one from De Efteling, although it might also be fun to go to the Escape Room. These are fun games for moms who don’t want to be voluntarily locked up, but still love solving puzzles!

And to instantly create a bridge: if your mom likes puzzles, you can also search for real jigsaw puzzle! You have them in all shapes and sizes. There are even jigsaw puzzles of 2000 pieces or more! Maybe your mom should help, win, right?

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