Tony Khan gives an update to Matt Hardy during All Media Scrum

Tony Khan gave an update to Matt Hardy after All Out and made clear his decision to let the wrestler continue after he suffered a terrifying fall during the match.

Khan began the post All Out media debate to address what happened with Matt.

The AEW president first said that the health and safety of the performers is always the most important thing for AEW and indicated that it looks like Matt will be fine at this point.

Tony then explained that he had stopped the match after that The stain got worseThen the doctor was sent to check on Matt. Since he was concerned that Hardy might be injured, Tony says he made them ring the bell to stop the match.

The doctor examined Matt nonetheless and deemed him fit to continue under protocol.

Khan also stated that the doctor had not been pressured by anyone to purge Matt and said that Hardy himself would not have the power to overturn a decision made by the doctor.

Tony also claimed that Matt Hardy went through the concussion protocol after returning to the back and that the trip to the hospital was taken as a precaution. He added, “It was not something that any of us enjoyed.” “It was a scary moment.”

As previously reported, Matt’s wife Reby Hardy criticized AEW About how they handle things.

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